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Current political party makeup us senate Here is a breakdown of the composition of Congress by political party from 1855 to the present.
In November of that year he was elected as a Democrat to fill the vacancy created by his resignation.
Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire switched from the Republican party to Independent status.
Democrats held the majority due to the deciding vote of outgoing Democratic Vice President Al Gore.
This session of the Senate began with the chamber evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats.
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Learn more about the political divisions in the country the United States Senate.
Western Washington University political science professor Todd Donovan said that the two countries.
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The Democratic party currently holds the majority of seats in the United States Senate.
Republicans and 1 Independent have announced they are retiring and not seeking reelection.
Place your cursor on top of any state on the top map to see relevant election information.
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There the drugstore makeup composition of Congress by political party from 1855 to the present .
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Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information .
The more important question is whether or not these statistics make a difference in the way the Congress functions as a representative body.
House as a whole is comparatively less important than the degree to which individual House members and Senators reflect the views and characteristics of the people in their individual districts or states.
Hispanic man could represent a black woman if the focus was promoting the interests of the represented individual or individuals.
It is likely that Madison would have thought any discussion of the

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2007-09-03 10:03:48 by screwball---

ARE ALL REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS GAY OR ONLY THE ONES YOU READ ABOUTMake no mistake, the Republicans will catch pluperfect hell for this come next election day. This scandal and others may or may not permeate the presidential race, but the GOP has to defend 22 of 34 Senate seats up for grabs in 2008 -- plus cover the won't-run-again decision of Virginia Republican Sen. John Warner. Voter resentmen...ng as fast as he can to avoid indictment in a runaway political corruption scandal involving oil field services giant VECO Corp.
It was only a year ago last Friday that FBI agents raided the offices of six Alaskan state legislators and VECO, searching for evidence that bought-and-paid-for Alaskan lawmakers were approving powderpuff legislation financially advantageous to VECO and Big Oil.

Friday's letters: Don't put law in service to zealots  — Tampabay.com
I voted for Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate in both the primary and general elections. I gave hard-earned money to his campaign. And while he was better than any of his opponents, Rubio has betrayed us.

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